Aims Human Rights Society Survey’s is a voluntary organization and registered as a society in the year 2005. Its main object is to create awareness of HUMAN RIGHTS that is related to women and children. Its aim and objective is to enlighten the citizens and in particular women and children as these rights are envisaged to all citizens by the constitution of India. As you are aware that our country India is the largest democracy in the world, Fundamental Rights are described as oxygen of freedom that one breathes freely without any fervor or fear. You should be aware that Constitutional Rights whose actual meaning as above described is not being followed by some sections of society against women and children, who are using modes and methods to ill-treat women and children, and causing body harm and also causing psychological fear in them and in course suppressing their freedom. To safeguard the rights of these women and children, AIM's has taken up their cause to promote this issue through professional organizational methods, and therefore this society was established.


To spread mass awareness among the common down trodden people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in their local language and by adopting their culture and through it, letting them know of their rights and to defend themselves. To project these rights against violation we are using the following processes to make them easily understand the subject of their rights granted under the Constitution of India, to these women and children in particular. AIMS is using projection through pamphlets, series of paintings related to atrocities against women and children, conducting of camps, exhibitions and involving prominent citizen of society. This is creating an impact among these people of the society, awareness is taking shape, and progress is being appreciated which is giving us immense satisfaction. AIM's wants to in course of time take this mission, and spread the same to Villages, Mandals, and Districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. AIMS explain their Fundamental Rights and how to safeguard themselves (women children), which is clearly described by our founding Fathers of our Constitution as they envisaged.