As stated we are a voluntary organization, registered as a society granted registration number 1808/2005 and formed in the year 2005. Our main aim is to create awareness of Human Rights for the welfare of women and children is the society's main objective. Also to propagate the contents of the Constitution of India, related to the right, of every citizen of our country. We have a team of advisors of the legal fraternity, who elaborate certain contents of the Constitution required to let the women and Children understand what are their legal rights and how to defend themselves of these atrocities and abuse at the hands of some social evil elements of our society. We are also trying to uplift the living standards of the down trodden people by letting them understand, through elaboration of the following i.e., socially, economically and culturally. The Govt. is also involved in various programs through various bodies, one such being an autonomous body by the name NHRC (National Human Rights Commission), which was formed in the year 1993. NHRC which not only explains and elaborates about Human Rights, which is guaranteed to every human being of our country. Its main aim is to prevent people from violation of Human Rights and for various Atrocities committed against women and children in various parts of our country. Their areas of operation are urban, semi urban, rural and remote areas of Districts, Towns, and Villages. They are dealing with issues like child marriages, dowry, human trafficking, sexual harassment, domestic violence, exploitation of women and children.

  • Protection of Women under Domestic Violence Act 2005
  • Nirbhaya Act – the new Criminal Law Amendment Act – 2013
  • Protection of Children under Sexual Violence Act – 2012
  • Prohibition of Child Marriage Act – 2006
  • Protection of Human Rights under our Constitution

We have also taken up the subject of ragging in schools and colleges and conducted a total of nine exhibitions in various places of Hyderabad and Rangareddy Districts in Telangana.

This is a herculean task our organization has undertaken which requires lot of time, commitment devotion, selfless service, and sacrifice, with involvement of precious time and funds to make these programs of awareness an achievement, a grand success for time to come.